Humans are on the cusp of a new order.
We refresh our learnings faster than any decade of earlier times. We experience natural and manmade disasters, disruption of peace and wellbeing like never before. No other aspect in life is as empowering as the power of giving, or sharing to overcome suffering and catastrophes as a community. The poorest and the marginalized continue to innovate and look for sustainable resources and at our end we must offer all that we can to make them succeed in making this effort.
Make the world a better place.
Former UK PM David Cameron and Rizwan Adatia speak at Arabian Business Leadership Summit 2023 at the Armani Hotel in Dubai

Meet Rizwan.

It was 1986 when Rizwan began his journey. From humble beginning in Porbandar, Gujarat to a thriving network of businesses across 10 African countries – a story worth telling. He ensured persistent growth for COGEF based on principles, ethics and integrity, that led the Group to improve consumer experience and touch many lives across communities. His vision enabled robust ecosystems irrespective of challenges. Rizwan’s personal philanthropy gave birth to an idea of a dedicated effort in the form of a foundation -- RAF Global. Rizwan is recipient of many honours for his efforts in the sphere of philanthropy and community engagement through RAF Global.

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You have the power to transform your circumstances into a positive outcome for yourself as well as for others if you believe, submit and commit to your goals.

– Rizwan Adatia

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